Constructive technical information of the devices 60 kW and 100 kW.
Over thirty years of  experience in the production of electro-mechanical systems with a high degree of automation and security is the base of our  wind turbines.
A team of engineers and technicians worked for years to build equipment used successfully worldwide.
Svecom PE Srl has selected an extensive network of relationships and partnerships with major domestic and foreign companies that allow effective cover sales and service in South American markets, Asian, European and North American. 


The technical course undertaken by Svecom PE Srl  has led to the study and implementation of new blade profile, derived from our previous experience in the field of wind energy.

The will that landing a project with more blades' performance at low and medium wind. 


The variation of the angle of fitting of the blades is achieved by a linear actuator. Ie the variation of the angle, relative to the direction of the wind (Pitch Angle).

The system provides for the automatic release that safeguards (secures) the wind turbine when there are problems of lack of electrical connection, also due to lightning.

The system designed by Svecom PE Srl is currently the subject of patent application for invention.

The shuttle is aligned with the direction of the wind through the motor. 


Another important element is the lubrication system that ensures proper lubrication to all moving mechanical parts.

The system, designed by Svecom P.E. Srl,  is currently the subject of patent application for invention.