Svecom Wind Power: 100kW

Renewable energy -  the future:

- Rotor Diameter 23 meters



Type of axis: horizontal windward
Nominal power: 100 kWp
Rotor diameter: 23 metres approx.
Rotor disc area: 415 sq.m. approx.
Safety systems: aerodynamic brake Cut-in: 2.5 m/sWind speed at nominal power: 10.5 m/s
Cut-out: 25 m/
Generator: synchronous with permanent magnets 
Tower: polygonal pole
Height: 24, 30 and 35,7 metres
Number of blades: three (3) 
Blade Material: composite material 



- 5.5 m/s - annual production 220,000 kWh
- 6 m/s - annual production 260,000 kWh
- 6.5 m/ - annual production 310,000 kWh 



The Svecom P.E. Srl 100 kW wind generator has been designed to generate electricity by exploiting the wind conditions typical of our country.

It has been designed under the supervision of the Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Naples, with the specific consulting of Prof. Domenico Coiro.



The main features of the 100 kW wind turbine are:

  • - the small size of the wind turbine allows you to simplify and reduce the costs related to connecting it to the national LV network.
  • - both the project and its implementation are completely Italian and their simplicity is the result of Svecom P.E. Srl extensive experience in manufacturing automation systems.
  • - high aerodynamic efficiency
  • - maintenance scheduled at long intervals and of great simplicity
  • - designed with inherent safety features (fail-safe)
  • - full compliance with the technical standards
  • - reduced environmental impact and noise
  • - optimised transport and assembly



- with several conical polygonal sections.

- On the top of the upper part there is a flange, which supports the shuttle.

- On the bottom of the lower part, a flange secures the tower to the foundations (not supplied) by means of a bolted connection to the anchor bolts.

- The power and signal cables are placed inside the tower to  connect the active parts of the generator to the electrical panels located at the base of the tower.



- The shuttle consists of a bearing structure made with metal structural work, which supports the electric generator binding the stator part.

-  The generator shaft supports the hub and rotates together with the blades, which are mounted on the hub.

- The overall bearing structure is supported by a slewing ring, which is fastened to a flange on the top of the tower

- This slewing ring allows the shuttle to rotate around a vertical axis in order to direct the machine towards the wind direction.

- The shuttle rotates thanks to a gear motor, whose pinion couples with the above-mentioned slewing ring.

- The blades are connected to the hub via slewing rings to allow the variation of the angle of incidence according to the operating conditions.

- The variation of the angle of the blades is driven by a linear actuator located in the rear part of the shuttle, the motion of which is transmitted to the blades to a system of levers.

- The generator is activated/deactivated automatically and the power produced is limited by acting on the angle of incidence of the blades.

- In the  generator standby configuration, the blades must be directed with the rope almost parallel to the machine axis.

- The upper part is fitted with an anemometri system to detect the direction and speed of the wind in order to carry out the controls of the machine.

- The rotor brake is a hydraulic one, as is the one on the base of the shuttle which will be used to keep the shuttle rigid with the wind without overloading the reducer.


Electrical panels:

- A technical room containing the electrical panels will be installed at the base of the tower and outside of it in agreement with the customer/purchaser.

- The electrical power board manages the transformation of the energy produced by the generator and its transmission to the network.

- The electrical control panel detects the operating parameters of the generator in real time and controls the actuators in order to adapt the machine configuration to the various operating conditions (stop and maintenance conditions included).