• The main elements that constitute a wind turbine are:

  • * SHUTTLE:
  • it is constituted by a frame in carpentry of carbon steel properly protected in  which are housed the generator and the electrical and mechanical equipment. Accommodated in the upper part, the wind sensor intensity and wind direction sensor. The shell of the closure and protection is fiberglass. The generator shaft supports the hub on which the blades are mounted and rotates along with them. The bearing structure as a whole is supported by a toothed wheel which is in turn fixed to the flange placed on top of the tower. The rotation of the shuttle is via a geared motor whose pinion meshes with the wheel. The shuttle is equipped with parts with certified devices acts to lift and mount.
  • * BLADES:
  • consist of composite material;


The tower consists of a tubular truncated cone shape in galvanized carbon steel. Inside the tower fell the power and signal cables to connect the active parts of the generator to the electrical panels positioned at the base.


  • * PANELS:
  • At the base of the tower and out to it is established, in agreement with a customer, a technical room to house the electrical panels. The conversion system (inverter) of the ELPOWER S.r.l. is characterized by a dual inverter (back to back) with digital control DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and operates the transformation of the energy produced by the generator and its placing on the network. The electrical control performs the real-time detection of the operating parameters of the generator and controls in a suitable way actuators to adjust the configuration of the machine to the various operating conditions (including the conditions of stop and maintenance). The electrical panel houses the SYSTEM CONTROL PLC.
  • The wind turbine is designed to operate without the need for the presence of on-site staff. A control system PLC autonomously manages the operation and the wind generator safety, ensuring the optimization of production. Using a GSM device, you can monitor the system status, verifying continuously operation and any anomalies.