Svecom Power Energy


The production of wind turbines stems from the desire of ownership of SVECOM P.E. Srl to diversify its production, historically dedicated to the world of paper.
The launch of the line of wind turbines produced 50kW, 60kW and 100kW comes from thirty years of experience in the production of electro-mechanical systems with a high degree of automation and security.
A team of designers and technicians working for years to build equipment used successfully around the world.
SVECOM P.E. Srl has selected a network of relationships and partnerships with important national and foreign companies that enable effective sales coverage and service in South American markets, Asian, European and North American.


The company was founded in the year 1953 as PICCOLO ESPANSIBILE and with the passage of years has changed its name until the current name "SVECOM - P.E. S.r.l."
Reliability, technical competence and commitment have been and still are the ingredients of a success that is not decreasing.
In 1985 there was the transfer of the new and current headquarters in Via della Tecnica, while the original headquarters of Via Callesella since then is used for heat treatment of metals (both Svecom that on behalf of third parties).

SVECOM P.E. S.r.l. has commercial relationships with leading equipment manufacturers and end users both domestically and globally, the result of a trust and an estimate conquered with the quality, professionalism and technological innovation.

SVECOM P.E. S.r.l. is certificated with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 to guarantee quality, reliability, technical expertise and attention to the needs of each customer.
Through the development of an extensive sales network, the market SVECOM P.E. S.r.l. has surpassed the national boundaries: today 60% of total production is destined in the foreign market.



SVECOM POWER ENERGY is the business unit dedicated to wind world, born within the SVECOM PE S.r.l. already in the year 2001, at the dawn of the small wind sector, with the construction of the first prototype of a wind turbine from 20kWp.

SVECOM POWER ENERGY has developed over the years installations of horizontal axis wind turbines with outputs ranging from 59 kWp to 100 kWp.

The wind turbines SVECOM POWER ENERGY allow excellent production performance even in areas with relatively low wind vocation (it has been recently released new model of wind turbine 60 kWp with rotor diameter of 23 meters, suitable for sites with low levels of wind).

In recent years SVECOM POWER ENERGY, a project embryonic came to build wind turbines with high technological parameters. The project has grown along with the skills acquired in the field, both technical and commercial.

Next to the mechanical characteristics unique in the industry that allow an optimal management of the yield of the wind, deserves a special mention the software component property SVECOM that represents the "heart" in this type of technology.


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